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Suicide, Depression, Mental Conditions, Christian love and God’s Grace


Tragic news recently broke of a “pastor” who committed suicide leaving behind three young boys and a wife. He suffered from Depression and Anxiety, and his wife acknowledges that this was the source of his self-murder.

This is a sad and tragic tale that greatly impacts his now fatherless sons and widow. Pray for them, please. This is not just a “news” story. It is a reality, affecting real lives, right now and long into the future.

Sadly, suicide is one of the deceptions Satan uses against many, offering it as an escape from the sufferings in this life. It is true that our lives are brief and in a fallen world permeated with sin, full of trouble. This is scripture and until the perfect age when God makes all things new, this will not change.

Still God knows that we are in a world that challenges us spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally and more as our adversary Satan, utilizes our circumstances, human limits, unmet needs, misplaced expectations and more to exacerbate feelings of hopelessness, sadness, anxiety and to even promote depression. Even chemical imbalances, and biological propensities skewing individuals toward depression are gripped by Satan to direct many into feeling and accepting notions that there is no escape from such a condition.

God is Lord of all

We must remember that God made us a tri-part being: mind/spirit, BODY and soul. All of this is all of us. And they are intricately intertwined. The state of our spirit can and does have a physical impact on our health and body. And physical things like sicknesses can, if we allow, begin to affect our minds and our spirits making us more susceptible to spiritual and psychological attacks.

Furthermore, in a fallen world certain people are born with a greater propensity toward certain conditions such as lack of impulse control, tendency toward violence, more susceptible to depression etc., due to chemical imbalances. BUT all of this, God who is the LORD of the body, mind/spirit and soul, is able to control and deliver from for those that yield to His Word.

I was born in the 70’s with ADHD. Many people look at me now and have NO idea that I was once on Ritalin as a kid. This is a testimony to the power of God that can fix NOT only spiritual conditions, but also physiological conditions that impact behavior, decision making, social interaction and more. He can do the same for depression and anxiety regardless of the source!

Sadly, the world omits God from many things and won’t acknowledge His ability to fix conditions in the human body that affect the mind and behavior. Or some over spiritualize things and fail to realize there are physiological sources to some conditions that manifest in cognitive, mental or behavioral ways. It may not necessarily be a demon, though the derivative affects begin impacting one spiritually.

There is hope and help in God

Helping people often requires helping them to see the ROOT of their problems and guiding them through prayer, the Word, compassion and grace to show them how GOD can help and deliver them. If our approach is too one-dimensional a person whose vision toward hope is already blocked may remain blind to their avenue for hope – God. Wisdom, especially when dealing with complex and individualized issues of the mind, is paramount to helping so many people dealing with psychological and emotional issues that are impacting their lives and spiritual walk.

This pastor who took his life didn’t escape. The bible says thou shalt not kill (murder). Self-murder is a sin for which there is no  opportunity for repentance. Don’t believe the lie perpetuated by anyone, even those claiming to be men of God, that someone who takes their life is home with Jesus. They’re not. And Satan uses these false teachers to give a false sense of comfort to those considering suicide claiming that “its ok.” This is just another arm of Satan’s strategy to get people to hell.

It is a tragic and sad reality that this pastor, after suffering depression and anxiety in this life, opened his eyes in torment in hell, only to await eternal damnation in the lake of fire. This is so sad, tragic and real. It, like his suffering family, is not a story, it is a reality that exists for that man at this very moment from which there is no escape. He is eternally lost.

Love like Christ

People of God, Satan is attacking many people with anxiety, depression and more. Through wisdom, love and prayer, lets show them how God promises in his Word that he will keep our minds in perfect peace if our minds are stayed on him. Sometimes you have to “walk” with people, mentor and counsel them over time. For many it’s not a one shot deal, pray this prayer and they’re ok. Sometimes, for some, teaching and discipling and accountability until they overcome certain things, emotional wounds, psychological pain that impacted thier lives (even before coming to Christ) takes time patience  and loving guidance to work through as they learn to let the Lord have it and HEAL them. Healing for emotional and psychological wounds and hurts is just as needed as healing for physical ailments. These things, unaddressed can become tools used by Satan to destroy relationships, hinder faith in God and even cause some to take their own lives.

Let us learn to forbear one another and not count someone out because they seem “weak” for allowing certain things to “get to them.” The reality is, that is where they are, whether they should be there or not. Let’s help them get to where God wants them to be.

After all God did it for us (even if not coming from the same place.) We should be empathetic and EXCITED about helping others learn to allow God to do it for them!

He’s able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we can ask or think. Glory to our God.

by Jason L Ward


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