The Word

Seeing the World Through the Word

He’s a Man

In our society men are often perceived as individuals who are helpless slaves to their most banal desires. A boy on the cusps of sexual maturity is viewed as a sex driven entity incapable of appropriate interactions with or perceptions of members of the opposite sex. Their lives at this stage of their development, and sadly often beyond, are minimized by observers as thoughtless lust filled pursuits of potential conquests. Their minds are viewed as minimally functional portions of their beings capable of grasping whole heartily only the concepts, ideas and opportunities which are viewed as consistent with their desires for sexual gratification. Their interactions with others are viewed as shallow, often void of true depth, purpose or meaning. Those young men or adult males who may find themselves defined in any of the above areas have their behavior validated with statements such as “boys will be boys” or “He’s a man.”

It is a sad commentary on our world when we must acknowledge that many women/wives concede moral ground in their relationships to accommodate the lusts of their husbands/fiancés by dismissing their interest in pornography, their indulgence in frequenting strip clubs, or their blatant and consistent lusting after women with the simple statement – “He’s a man.”

Exactly. He is a man. God said let us make man in our own image, and God made man in his own image. For this fundamental reason – the foundation of his being- all of the aforementioned indulgences fall far beyond the parameters of acceptable – manly- behavior. He is man; created in the image of God. His purpose then is to worship, glorify and magnify his Creator with his life.  He is a man – tasked with the responsibility – the privilege – of representing God here on the earth; to reflect his character, manifest his holiness – walk in His righteousness – express His purity.

The word of God says “be ye holy for I am holy saith the Lord.”  The standards are high.  Jesus said, “He that looketh upon a woman to lust after her in his heart hath committed adultery already with her in his heart.” Thus it is clear that not only what a man does with his body is important but also how he exercises his heart and mind.  To look upon his sisters (and all women) with all purity, as the bible commands, is a discipline that every man must master. It is a reflection of spiritual maturity – evidence of a character yielded to his Creator.

In a fallen world, where sin abounds, we are all susceptible to the natural lusts of the flesh which strive in direct contrast to the Word and Will of God. Yet through the redemptive power of Jesus Christ, through the purifying blood that he has shed, and through his Spirit that is promised to all who believe and repent, God provides every man who yields to His will the means and the power to live according to the strict standards of His Word. Continued submission to his Creator places man in the consistent position to receive from God, His Creator, the particular attributes consistent with true manhood. Such a man is yielded to his Head, Jesus Christ – if married –loves His wife as Christ so loved the church, he is the priest and leader of his home, he sacrifices and provides for his family, he is a student of the Word – He loves God with all of His heart, soul, mind and all of his strength – Yes – He’s a man.


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