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Wrong side of history or right side of eternity

Many who advocate for Satan-inspired secular humanistic perspectives and acceptance of what God calls sin argue that those who advocate for biblical truth on various matters will be on the … Continue reading

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Human Sacrifice – ” The Religion of CHOICE”

 The Religion of Choice In the hearts of many, a form of worship formed, Centered around a deity from which a religion was born. A deity whose servants sacrifice their … Continue reading

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Smith – A Man Whose Life Was Orchestrated By God

                                                 “There is but one trumpet in a symphony orchestra, yet its melody is heard by all.”  On February 9, 1920, God, the conductor of this grand orchestration of … Continue reading

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Abortion: Whose Body, Whose Right?

All living things possess DNA- Deoxyribonucleic acid – the building blocks of life. The purpose and design of DNA has entered the collective awareness and dialogue of Americans. We have … Continue reading

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Fade to Black – “Thanksgiving at Risk”-by Jason L Ward The enticing aromas of sweet potato and pumpkin pie; the alluring scent of brown sugar and cinnamon mixed with the inviting fragrance of the yams the two spices … Continue reading

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He’s a Man

In our society men are often perceived as individuals who are helpless slaves to their most banal desires. A boy on the cusps of sexual maturity is viewed as a … Continue reading

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Spirit of Fear

Homophobic. This label has been liberally applied to many professing Christians due to their unwavering stance on the belief that homosexuality is not God’s design for man. Phobia is defined … Continue reading

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